Pick one: Be broke forever with a baby OR have some money and no baby

Insurance companies are a nightmare. There are a handful of states that have mandatory coverage for fertility treatments and I happen to work in one of them (but live in the neighboring state)! However, I work for a not for profit that can’t offer health insurance so no go on that coverage. Wait a minute, hubs works in state as well we have to get coverage that way… but even though we have his health insurance, it’s out of Tennessee (Read: Which means no fertility coverage). We recently called around to all of the health insurance companies and discovered there’s NO WAY we can get coverage unless one of the following happens:

  1. I move in state by either renting an apartment or otherwise have my address changed so I am a resident paying out of pocket (no group plan).
  2. I work another full time job in state that offers health insurance that has the right coverage.
  3. I go back to being a full time student and get the student health insurance

The other options are these:

  1. We take out loans (sorry kids- we’re going to be spending all of your lives paying back the loans to craft you, you’re on your own for college)
  2. I become a stripper and nope I just couldn’t finish that sentence.
  3. We win the lottery
  4. We take loans from family
  5. We start a gofundme account and pray that other people see our plight as a worthwhile endeavor amidst the sea of other people in need of support.

Yeah…. looks like it’s loans for us.  We have taken other steps to lower the costs:

  1. Setting up the health savings account to whatever the max amount is through hubs work ($2500. Ha that will cover what?!)
  2. Seriously restricting our budget
  3. (I really don’t like this next one) Lowering the thermostat and being much more mindful about utilities
  4. I’m picking up more hours at work to try to boost my pay
  5. Not going out- ever. (not like we really do now, but we’re pretty much down for the count. maybe that’s a good thing though, as we’ll do a lot of walking around)
  6. Cooking at home (see number five)
  7. And we probably need to look at the small expenses that we go through constantly as well- things like home internet and cable, buying coffee instead of making it (well we’ll just give it up and go cold turkey) etc

Stupid insurance. We’re going to spend over $10k for the entire year just to have it, another $6k as the max out of pocket, and then all of the additional money that will go toward the actual IVF that we will have a big fat ZERO coverage on. Let me tell you, I will be meditating and doing everything and anything possible to get pregnant the first cycle ::here’s to crossing my fingers- don’t smash my dream- I know how unrealistic it may be!::


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