Step Two

We officially have a Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE) and a fertility clinic to go with it! After nearly breaking down in the parking garage, hubs and I made it inside, paid our $50 consult fee (wohoo insurance that does nothing!) and waited to be seen. We met with the RE, talked about the whole procedure- including the 1% risk of my ovaries going into hyper-drive and needing hospitalization, no biggie, and then met with the nurse to discuss next steps and got one tube of blood drawn.

For all of you other newbies like myself, what happens next is this:

1) hubs calls to schedule a semen analysis (he’s not looking forward to that one, but then again my needle/poke count is now up to 5, so he’s going to deal with it),

2) wait for my blood test to come back (5-14 days), and

3) once I get the first full flow day of my period I have to call the clinic to schedule an ultrasound. Never thought I’d be scheduling ultrasounds before being pregnant… but then again I did already have one on my neck a few years ago… different story for a different time…

It’s real. I’m about to spend the cost of someone’s entire yearly salary (maybe likely oh hell I don’t know plus some) on making sure my babies don’t carry the BRAC gene. Baby- if you ever find yourself reading my blog from this adventure, please know just how loved you are. I HATE needles and you are worth every poke. I even went and donated blood for the first time (BIGGEST NEEDLE OF MY LIFE) on Saturday to start getting used to it all…. I guess it’s like I tell my clients, can’t focus on all of the steps at once, just focus on what you have to do next while having a general awareness of the whole process. Next step: wait for mother nature and then try to be nice to the people on the phone when I tell them my uterus is ready for the next step.


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