Celebrating normalcy

Hubs and I had our respective appointments to check his swimmers and to do my ultrasound. Turns out all of his numbers are good/normal, and I’m also normal. I can’t tell you the relief you feel when you are told everything looks good. Never thought I’d be worried about it, but at the same time I didn’t think we’d ever go through this either.

Regarding my first vaginal ultrasound: I would be lying if I said I wasn’t freaked out, I had read things online saying that they were painful and at minimum uncomfortable. Ok people let’s be real for a moment (family you might want to skip this paragraph…. ok you’ve been warned). Doc got the ultrasound ready and it honestly resembled a vibrator/dildo (guess that’s why the Internet people call it the dildo cam). It wasn’t any stranger than having a typical pelvic exam, and if you’ve ever had sex ever- which if you’re reading this chances are you’ve had a LOT of sex by now- it was nothing to fret over. Oh on another note I found out about how many eggs I had on each ovary. That was kind of cool. Apparently I had ten on my right and five on my left that the doc could see; those are good numbers without doing any hormones at all yet.

Regarding hubs’ semen analysis: he was more freaked out that he had to go masterbate in strange room and into a cup. He didn’t give me too many details, but the whole process was nothing too crazy from what I heard. He was more concerned after the fact that he had to wait 24 hours for results. Again, one of those things that you don’t necessarily start worrying about until you’re doing it.

Next steps:

I start birth control

Both of us get to get another blood draw! Yay! …. :-/ this is it’s for an infectious disease panel. They typically do this as getting ready for IVF in general. Something about state/federal requirements. Whatever, take my blood you vampires. If I get a baby out of it poke me as much as you need.

I also get to go back to my Obgyn on Jan 3rd to do a chlamidia & gohnorea (sp?) culture which is also part of the infectious disease panel.

I can check off the Pap smear since I did that in October, but had I not done a recent one I would have had to get that done again as well. Thank god I waited longer than normal to have that appointment. One less thing to do and extra cost to pay!  The last blood test we did cost $150! (20 for the venipuncture and 130 for the test- paying out of pocket is HORRIBLE).

The next apt I have is dec 27th where I am so lovingly calling it bubble bath day. No real bubbles involved but they are going to put a saline wash in my uterus , swish it around, and suction it back out for more testing. Sounds great right? My uterus is going to be he cleanest one in town! Hence the term bubble bath day.

Always exciting next steps! But hey, if we are able to get


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