Let’s play the waiting game

Hubs and I completed our infectious disease blood work panel (yay for both of us being clean!) and now we’re just waiting. I’ve decided I really dislike this part of the waiting game. My next apt is the 27th, which means I have an entire WEEK of not doing anything toward making a human being. I don’t like it. Let’s be serious for a moment, I can’t actually do anything right now to move things along and for someone who likes being in control, it feels like my own special brand of torture. I wonder how many other people feel this way as well? I wish I would have known about all of this so much sooner; a year ago we had said “ok we’ll start trying for baby #1 after Spartan race (June 2016)” so I could get in one more OCR (obstacle course race) before being pregnant, and that got thrown out the window pretty darn quickly. We thought we’d have more options than IVF with PGD, but that didn’t happen and here we are. I don’t know how people do the waiting involved in IVF more than once to have baby #1…. we aren’t even at egg retrieval and I’ve already lost my patience. I don’t know what that means about my ability to tolerate other frustrating things, but in this matter all I know is patience is a horrible thing to try to get used to and I don’t like it!


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