Bubble bath day

I went in to the clinic this morning for a saline rinse thing to make sure I don’t have any cysts or other problems that I have endearingly named “bubble bath day” to make it sound more spa like.. nope wasn’t spa like, but also wasn’t the worst thing in the world. So this is how it goes:

I arrive and they have me pee in a cup, then do the whole undress from the waist down bit and hop up on the table, feet in the stirrups and hanging with all the bits out (as usual). Doc walks me through what they’re going to do starting with needing to see my cervix so we start with the duck bill thing. Next he takes a giant Qtip and swooshes around in there. After that I get a balloon inflated in my cervix. He warns me that I may feel a cramp, but not all women do- I do. It wasn’t that bad, but it was kind of interesting how I literally felt like I was having a mild period cramp out of the blue. The cramp lasted until about 30 seconds after the balloon was removed, and when I say mild, I really do mean mild. I felt it, it was there, but there’s no way I’d be doubling over in pain because of it or needing to skip work. While the balloon is in there they also used an ultrasound and the saline solution to scope out the area. During this whole thing he checks out the ovaries again (apparently now I have 10 and 7 egg patch things, woohoo for good numbers! remember- the more eggs I have before any medication the better the chance of having at least one viable embryo later) anyway, he lets me know everything is looking good and normal and no issues. The whole procedure lasted about 10 minutes including the time it took to tell me what was going on. Aside from some even milder cramps since we ended (got out of the office around 8:50, and it’s now 9:25) I’m good to go and not in pain.

I will admit, having a balloon of sorts in my cervix was a weird feeling. I can’t really compare it to anything, maybe it’s because I’m still focused on the slight cramping that was going on at the same time. I don’t know. What I do know is that I have a few next steps and we’ll be starting sooner rather than later. I’ve been spotting (because of course my body is saying it wants to have a period but we’re telling it no) and so I’ve been taking the 2 birth control pills per day rather than the one- they tell you to take two until you are spot free for 24 hours… yeah I’ve taken something like a weeks worth of double pills, and I’m still spotting. Damn it body, why can’t you be cooperating!? anyway, like I was saying, I have double birth control pills to make sure my body doesn’t try to get rid of any eggs until the Easter Egg hunt (aka egg retrieval day- maybe we should start calling it conception day, considering that’s when some scientist will be cleaning up the genetic materials so they can get together… ha.. That’s a thought- we have a matchmaker for our eggs and sperm- “ok kids, let’s get you cleaned up so you make a good first impression. Not all of you will make the cut, so you have to be in tip-top shape so one of you will get chosen!” oy. And that’s why I shouldn’t be allowed to adult… where was I.. right, conception day. When they do the egg retrieval they will be putting together our embryos, so that’s technically the day when they are being created… just not me getting pregnant.) .

So here are the new next steps: I have an apt with my obgyn to finish the infectious disease panel- yay for even MORE stirups and pokes to the uterus….. That’s on the 3rd and then on the 5th we go in to sign all of the consents. Let me tell you, we got a copy of what we’ll be signing so we could look through it, and we are literally signing a waiver for everything. We have to decide what we will do with our embryos in the event that one or both of us dies (literally we can name a caretaker for our embryos so they can decide, we can have them destroyed, donated to science, donated to another woman/family, etc etc.) we have to decide on all of the policies and all of the extra crap that goes with it. I already read through all of it, but let me tell you, it’s CRAZY the extent that clinics have to go to in order to be thorough and to protect themselves and us. Either way, we sign paperwork on the 5th, and I need to find out from them then what our schedule is going to be like for hormone treatments and whatnot so I can start blocking off time in my schedule for the Easter Egg hunt. I’ve already decided I am NOT working for about 3 days surrounding the procedure, and I’m lucky in that I work for a practice that allows me to make my own schedule. I was thinking that in combination with what I’ve read online and what they’ve told me so far about how many eggs I already have, I’m thinking I’m likely going to be one of those people who are very uncomfortable as my egg supply increases. I’m not up for dealing with that kind of discomfort while at work, so it’s better to take care of myself and just stay home those days.

Ok well this was a longer post than I was expecting, I had a lot of thoughts today on all of this adventure. By the time I finished writing this post I’m still having some very mild sporadic cramps, but last I checked no bleeding. If you have to get this procedure done even if it’s not for IVF, just know it’s not that bad. Wish I had the actual name of what we did today- but again it’s more relaxing to call it bubble bath day. Until next time internet people!


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