Omg I’m a pharmacy

I’ve been off for a bit due to the holiday and quite frankly being too moody to write. Friday we had our meeting with the nurse to talk about my medication schedule, sign paperwork, and teach hubs how to use all of the needles and meds. That was one heck of a day- my timeline is thus:

  1. Started daily injections Saturday
  2. Today (Monday) is my last day on birth control
  3. Let them know when I get my period
  4. Hubs had to do another semen sample to be frozen ($200) so that in the strange event that hubs isn’t at the egg retrieval we aren’t up sh*ts creek, or in the event of him being too stressed to perform again we’re ok)
  5. On the 12th I go in for another visit
  6. Then again on the 17th (that day we start two more injections daily
  7. Then again on the 19th
  8. And at some point around numbers 6 and 7 I start doing daily- every few days blood work to make sure things are going according to plan.
  9. Then at some point they tell us when to do the trigger shot, and we do the egg retrieval and they shut everything down for a bit so I don’t end up hospitalized for hyper ovarian something or another. (Very technical term right there I know)
  10. Then we wait, and we begin prep for the embryo transfer.

Ug. So let’s rewind to my first injection: we have a section of our home set up so it’s away from the dog and as clean as possible. We get everything set and I go lay on our chaise lounger and I get pandora out so I can play Disney songs because why the heck not. We get the rubbing alcohol swab out (my job!) and hubs preps the needle. I freak out because an ad is playing on pandora and I can’t have an ad be what is distracting me, so I yell at hubs to wait until the next song comes on before we go any further. He obliges. And wouldn’t you guess it, our wedding song starts playing and I start bawling. I have to give it to hubs, he did his research and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Still stung and I knew my husband literally just stabbed me with a needle but otherwise it was ok. I ended up bawling for a while as he tried to make me feel better, and we eventually moved on. We did end up calling he nurse line though as the injection site was red and blotchy, but that also went away in about 45 minutes- what a way to close 2016! 

So now we’re at the point of nightly injections and it’s 2017 and he start to what will hopefully be a pregnant year. I’ll have hubs post next about his experience with all of this… after all, he IS going through this adventure with me.


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