The “hubs” perspective

Hello Internet World,

So my wife has turned into a blogger now and has taken you on the ever changing journey of the preparations of creating test tube babies.  She has asked me to give my perspective on the process hence making me an immediate blogger and in my opinion, making me an expert on anything and everything.  Because lets face it, I am an internet God right now and wield the almighty power of the internet.  She just yelled at me….so now that I am like any other husband again, I will level with you on the mortal level.

Having a child is always considered by most to be a fun and exciting time.  It is the time to enjoy the “process” of making one.  The dimmed candles, the new sheets, maybe a bottle of wine. Man…did I get a rude awakening when they hand you a cup and say deposit here and make sure you don’t miss…..Buy me a drink first at least or maybe some mood lighting!    It took some convincing for me to get on this idea, but after seeing your dad pass away from breast cancer and your mother battling the same cancer your dad just passed away from a short month ago, you become more open to preventative measures.  I could not control me getting the BRAC2 gene, but I will be damned if my child will have to go through the same hell.

I do wish I knew a bit more about what my wife and I would have to go through before the process started, but I felt at the time we were pretty knowledgeable about the process.  Pop some pills, ejaculate into a cup, get the turkey baster, and see you in 9 months.  Boy, was I in for a surprise!  I am sure if you read my wife’s previous blogs, no reason for me to go through all the steps so far because she covers them pretty well, I am just here for the comic relief.  And I will be honest with you fellow internet readers, its not easy to swallow the fact that you are giving up full control in the process to perfect strangers with fancy degrees. But I do believe, thus far, that if you find the right place and doctors, it was for the best at least for us.

Thus far I believe that my wife has had it the hardest, both physically and emotionally.  The best thing you can do from a spouse standpoint, is not to fix it, but make her laugh and smile.  Walking her off the edge tends to help but never try to fix it, trust me you’re not that good of a mechanic. (DISCLAIMER)  No man on this earth has figured out the inner workings of a woman when they are content and happy, don’t try to do it when she is full of hormones, this is NOT a Disney movie, you will not end up the hero.  Understand that this is something she has to process at her own pace, do what you can when she asks you to do it.  The most difficult for me thus far is not stabbing her with the needles at night, it’s not making her dinner or cleaning it up, it is knowing that in a way she was robbed of the fact that she doesn’t get to do this the natural way like all the social media sites glorify.  It takes a toll on a person’s emotions and puts a strain on the relationship because most of time gentlemen, you are feeling the same way too.  So I titled this piece “perspective” for exactly that reason.  You can CHOOSE to see it as a loss of personal gratification or  a personal investment in a being that will ultimately in 9 months become your whole world.  This is me signing off until next time with final piece of advice.  It is still okay to crack a bottle of wine, put the new sheets on the bed, and enjoy the person you decided to go on this adventure with… because in a few weeks wine won’t be an option anymore.

Future Noble Peace Price Winner for Literature,






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