An unexpected solace

One of the hardest parts about this adventure is the inability of others to relate to your experience. Friends (the good ones) try to empathize and bring up your spirits, family tries to be supportive and remind you why you’re doing it, and colleagues offer words of encouragement, but nobody truly gets what you try to say. And then you meet up with a friend with the expectation of having to re-explain for the thousandth time what’s happening and why and how and when and all of the little details, only to find a comrade in arms. That’s right, I unknowingly have a friend who is about a month behind me in her own IVF adventure. When we both realized this new fact, I pretty much started welling up with tears. I can’t fully express the relief in having someone who cares about you that also “gets it.” It’s both heart warming and heart wrenching. I don’t want this for my friend. I want happiness, ease, and joy for the important people in my life; not sadness and prodding and poking. 

Whoop- so I’m actually writing this while at the clinic ..

And whoop again. Now I’m back in the car. dang they’re fast. I got here early so I could sit and maybe be seen early- yup it happened and let’s digress to how it went:

We’ve been doing the Lupron injections for 13 days. Today I had another ultrasound (5 on the right 6 on the left), they listened to my lungs and heart, and then drew blood. Before I forget: they said if I do not hear from them by phone, meaning they spotted a problem if they call, then I am set to start my other two injections on Saturday- 15 days after we started the lupron. At that point I’ll decrease from 10 to 5 lupron and do the other two injections as well. 

Ok now that’s out of the way, let me go back to saying that I’m sad that my friend is dealing with this as well, and at the same time I know she’s one of the strongest women, really strongest people, that I know. I don’t wish this on her, but I know she’s going to kick IVF’s butt to Sunday and back. I’m really excited that we’re going to get to be moms together! 


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