Menopur is the bane of my current existence!

Im not a fan of any of the injections, but oh dear god does the Menopur suck. Here’s my own personal description of each injection:

Lupron- it’s a pinch, if hubs gets it at the right angle I don’t feel a thing after a slight pinch. If he gets the wrong spot, it’s not fun.

Gonal-F -same pinch, but when hubs starts pushing down the pen I can tell that it’s spiraling as the injection goes in. It’s very strange but at the same time it isn’t too bad. Toward the end of the injection it starts to be more painful, but it still isn’t terrible. The weird thing about it is that I get an after taste in my mouth about thirty seconds after it’s injected. It isn’t bad, just weird.

Menopur- oh dear god, I almost didn’t let hubs do the injections last night for fear of it again. It’s still the same pinch, but the injection burns like a b*tch during and for a few minutes after. We called the nurse on call before the injections to see if we could do the shot on either the back of the arm or thigh because maybe it would hurt less, to which she said yes the Menopur is interchangeable for the stomach or the thigh. She did not recommend the back of the arm since it might get irritated if people tap your arm or grab it to get your attention. So I think tonight we’re going to try the Menopur on the thigh and see if it’s any better. Because honestly, I am really not looking forward to it…. was definitely crying because of it yesterday.

Thinking about the Menopur, I’m really not looking forward to the trigger shot eventually as most people say it’s the worst one of all…. Ug. Not going to think about it until I have to.

In other news, even though I’m not a fan of needles, I haven’t quit yet! My next check in ultrasound and blood work is Tuesday morning, and today I’m super bloated and awkward. But maybe that means I’m at the half way point of prepping for the egg retrieval!


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