New year, new attitude

Happy 2017! In my opinion it’s never really the new year until your first day back at work, which means it’s officially time for New Years stuff to go into effect. One of my goals is to be more centered, more calm, and generally more at peace this year. This is especially important because of the need to have reduced stress throughout this entire endeavor of IVF. I started today off with a visit to my Obgyn’s office to complete the infectious disease panel- a visit that I scheduled at opening (7am) just in case I had to do the typical wait around for 30mins to be seen. lol and behold, I was literally in the office at 7am and out of the office at 7:10am. I think there’s something to this whole getting to the office at opening thing….  so needless to say, I had a lot of time left over before going to work and I was told about this really good breakfast place around the corner from the office so what better time than the present to test it out? Oh dear I’m going to be having dreams of stuffed French toast for weeks to come! Which by the way is a LOT better than the weird dreams I’ve started having lately. Not sure what that’s about. Stress? Medication side effect? Subconscious trying to tell me something? Eh who knows. 

This year is going to be a better one. I know it’s unrealistic to believe that I will be completely stress free while doing the steps for IVF, but I’m going to do my best. Having to take injections daily at the same ish time is forcing me to be out of the office before it gets too late, so welll see what happens with a month of not staying at the office super late. And I’m going to go back to working out- even if it’s just the basics at home before venturing back into the gym. The worst part about that is all of the New Years people that will drop off in a few weeks…. hm. Does that make me one? I don’t know. Either way, time for some changes. Happy new year all!


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