Another scheduled appointment..

Yup, made it out to my appointment (this office is 1.5 hours from home) for the 15 minute ultrasound, bloodwork, and talk to the nurse and doc. All looking good, but I have one more apt scheduled for tomorrow at the crack of dawn (aka 6:40am). Only good thing is that they will definitely know tomorrow whether my egg retrieval is Thursday or Friday. That means that hubs can go on his business trip, my mom is definitely coming in to give me shot(s) tomorrow and I can absolutely call and reschedule my Friday clients.  I’m so over it all. I’m at the point of being sore and crabby and wanting to sit or lay down all the time. Uggg the thought of a few more days of this……

Here’s what I’ve been through thus far:

Dec 31-jan 13: one shot of Lupron per day at 10 units

Jan 14-present (jan 23): one shot of Lupron at 5 units, one shot of gonalf at 300 units, one shot of death.. sorry Menopur … at 75 units per day. 

As it stands now I will do another round of the three tonight, making 24 days of total shots, 5 blood work and ultrasound checks since starting the shots, and I have at least one more ultrasound and blood work tomorrow. Possibly doing the HCG shot tomorrow night, but maybe doing the three again tomorrow and the HCG Wednesday night. Ug. I’m over it and my stomach is sore. Somebodyy give me a plate of quesadillas and a teddy bear and a good movie. I don’t want to go to work this week. I also want to stop being a jerk to hubs… but let’s face it, it’s a lot easier to tell hubs I hate him than to punch him in the face when he does the injections. It’s a good thing we have open communication in our relationship and he knows I’m verbally expressing my pain and anger and sadness rather than hitting him…. even so, I still feel like a total d*ck about it…


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