It’s so early…

I’m waiting another minute before going into the clinic as I’m the first appointment of the day and it’s currently 6:30… yeah a 6:40am appointment. Damnit I’m not supposed to be losing sleep until I’m at least pregnant! Come on…. oh well. I finally get clarification on scheduling the egg retrieval 25 days after starting our first injections. Which puts or retrieval at about day 27/28…

Let’s reflect for one moment on what symptoms I’ve experienced thus far. After the first day on Lupron I felt sore like I had worked out the day prior, I’ve had crazy dreams that went away after a while, I’ve been bloated like the bloat monster from the black lagoon, I’ve been emotionally up and down- mostly sad and anxious and at times scared, I’ve been not really able to eat like normal, and in general I’ve felt like I’ve had barbells held up by my ovaries for the past week and a half. Also, I’ve been tired- like REALLY tired all the time, and I’ve been a bit gassy but not ridiculously so…Can’t wait to be out of this stage and onto the shut down stage..

Ok world, here we go. I’ll update again after my apt.
7:05am update:

Friday it is! I continue the three shots tonight, tomorrow I take the Lupron as usual and the HCG at 10pm, Friday I get to the office at 8am, surgery is 9am. I continue the Lupron shots daily as usual until next Thursday, and I have to call Thursday to let them know everything went ok, and then again Saturday. 


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