Egg hunt day 2017

Here we are, the morning of the egg retrieval. Let’s recap the past few days:

Monday I went in for my final ultrasound and bloodwork and was told the date of the egg retrieval.

Tuesday I had my last injection of Menopur and gonalf.lupron continued.

Wednesday (until next Thursday) we continue(d) with the Lupron; AND we did the trigger shot. It wasn’t so horrible, the Menopur was absolutely worse by far. My mom (a retired nurse) gave me Tuesday and wednesdays shots, and the HCG shot was more awkward and strange than anything else. Yes I could feel the shot, no it wasn’t anything to be too freaked out over. If you make it through the menopur you can make it through the trigger. 

Thursday we did the Lupron again. 

And that brings us to today.. Friday morning bright and early ready for the egg hunt. 

I have no idea what to expect in regards to pain, pressure, or even what I’ll remember from all of it once I’m in twilight anesthesia. I might wait to post for a few days to make sure I’m not posting anything crazy….. 

wish me luck, here we go into the next step in this process! If this part was the worst of it, I’m really looking forward to what’s next- especially the part where we get to tell people we are expanding our family!


3 thoughts on “Egg hunt day 2017

    1. I’ll write more in full tomorrow, but I will tell you this much now: I’ve had other surgeries and in comparison this was a breeze! I live about an hour and 15 away from the clinic where the surgery was and I didn’t start having any significant cramping until hours after I got home. In all honesty at this point (less than 24 hours later) I’d still say getting the nightly shots was worse. Look for my post with more details tomorrow, but it’s nothing to fret over… you’re knocked out for the entire thing, and best part about it is that at the end of it you’re SO much closer to your getting to have your babies!

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