Day one post retrieval

I’m alive!!! Yesterday wasn’t horrible, and I’m quite content in my knowledge that the only shots we’re doing from this point out is the Lupron at night. Speaking of, I don’t know why they didn’t start off my suggesting we do it in the back of the arm- it wasn’t even like a mosquito bite in that location! Totally pain free. Let’s recap yesterday:

We arrived at the clinic (their main branch, so I hadn’t been to that part of the surgery center), we checked in, and sat for about 30 minutes. We arrive early, and then they were waiting for a bay to open that I could use. My mom came with us as she was visiting to help with shots for the few days hubs was away for business, and when they called us back she had to stay in the lobby since there wouldn’t be a spot for her to sit. So we went back and it was like a mini hospital, but with less random medical equipment and everyone there seemed really happy and warm. We go back to the area and there is a recliner and a chair and some beeping from the person in the next room area who is recovering from her procedure. They have me empty my bladder, they get my weight, and being me back to the room. 

So then they give us a gown, those fun medical socks, a blanket, and a hair net and have me change and sit in the recliner. It may seem silly, but because the room was relatively small, I felt like once the curtain was closed so I could change, it felt like hubs and I were doing naughty things in a closet- let’s be clear we didn’t do naughty things but it still made the moment better. Hehe. I had some fun with it and we laughed while I changed making comments like “ohlala” and winking at hubs. It was a decent moment all things considered. 

The nurse let’s us know what’s going to happen, then the anesthesiologist comes in and places an iv in my hand and they start a drip. I’m fascinated by how you can feel the cold liquid running through your veins, and it wasn’t that bad of an I’ve either. The only part I was not so happy about was that he needed to pull it out a bit after he already put the tape down so they had to pull off the tape some and then pull and then put it back down. 

Shortly after they bring me back to the next room over which looks like a higher tech Obgyn room. The exam table has a slight difference in that instead of putting your feet in the stirrups, you put your thighs- surprisingly comfortable. They get me set up, they ask me my name and birthday, they confirm what surgery we’re doing ( which I was so nervous I couldn’t hear them well, and so my initial reply was “wait what?” And i gave them a laugh for a moment and then confirmed “yes egg retrieval”) and after that I remember the door opening and the doc starting to enter the room and the next thing I remember the anesthesiologist and I are standing in the room with the recliner, he’s helping me sit down, and he tells me to take long deep breaths and that they’ll check on me again in a minute. I take a few long deep breaths and hubs and the nurse come in and we’re back to where we started. I wasn’t in pain, I wasn’t confused, it was more like “well this is nice” as I took deep breaths and was in the moment. I wasn’t thinking about anything aside from right then and there. I felt a bit heavy, but it wasn’t bad.

They have us sit for a bit more, I’m almost through the drip, and they tell me to just keep sitting and relax. They then come back and tell me about the following rule for the next few days:

Basically, no sex, for 5 days (nope not interested right now… just had a neede in my ovaries thanks) go straight home and rest, no working out or lifting anything heavier than 15lbs, and that I could resume work in 24 hrs. They also tell me I have 15 eggs!!!! (Also the surgery went really well, but I cared more about the eggs than anything else) They tell me we will get a phone call the next day (which is today!) informing us about how many of the 15 fertilized which will give us a new total, and that we will get some other kinds of phone calls as we go. They let me know my next period is probably (read: likely) going to be heavier than usual and to expect a period in about 2 weeks and to call when I get my period. 

Here’s what we can expect in addition to this since we’re doing the PGD. Once the embryo is a blastocyst about day five, they will take one cell sample from each embryo and then they will freeze all of the embryos and let us know in another 2ish weeks how many have the BRAC gene and how many don’t. 

In order to do the embryo transfer, my uterine lining has to grow back which is about 21 days, so now we’re looking at the end of february or the start of march to actually do the transfer at the absolute earliest and everything goes well…. let’s go back to how things felt.

The rest of the day I spent on the couch watching tv, sleeping, and I only got up to pee. The first time I peed was interesting. Not painful, just weird. The worst part yesterday was that if I stayed laying down I felt normal, when I’d get up I’d be ok for a while and then after being up for about 4-5 minutes I would get pressure in my ovary/uterus area. Again, at this point not painful, but I took that as a sign and went to lay back down. I took Tylenol as needed every 4-6 hours yesterday which I believe helped tremendously. I say that because I woke up this morning, peed, let the dog out, and three had to phone hubs (who had slept on the couch) in order to bring me the Tylenol with codeine. How do I describe this morning…. ok here’s a good example. Have you ever worked out really hard and pulled a muscle and the next day you go to move it and you feel that soreness, that heaviness, and that “just stop moving” feeling? Yeah, that. Except in my ovary. My left side has felt fine, it’s really been the right side that has been difficult. Strangely enough, my right side was the area that was most uncomfortable for the past few weeks as well, and the side the doc said they would likely get the most eggs. Coincidence? I think not.  So I took the Tylenol and laid down and I’m back to feeling fine. I’m probably not moving a lot today, but it’s Saturday so I don’t really have to regardless. I will say that tonight I am putting water and the Tylenol next to my bed so in the morning I can take it before getting up, and I wish I did that at first. Because honestly when I woke up I was 100% fine; it wasn’t until I started moving around that I started being in pain. 

All in all, I feel a sense of relief. A sense that I did a really hard part and I’ve overcome it. I’m terrified of needles, and the thought that I was getting poked in the ovaries was not pleasant, but I made it and so far I don’t feel like death. I count that as a win.

9:50am Update: I remembered while in the shower that they told me not hot showers or baths. They tell you that for a reason (wish it was written down- who’s going to remember everything when you’re coming out of anesthesia?!) I was in the shower not even 3 minutes and I started to feel like I was going to pass out and puke. Called to hubs and he had to literally come get me and support me out of the shower and onto the floor while I cooled off. After about 2 minutes I was back to normal, but goodness gracious, I wasn’t expecting that!


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