Quick recap on the weekend- Saturday (mostly Tylenol wih codeine and barely moving at all) was much worse than Sunday, and so far this morning I haven’t taken ANY Tylenol, and yesterday I only took the one without codeine. Knowing how easy it is for people to get addicted to pain meds, I didn’t want to take it any longer than I needed to, especially considering the additional fact that codeine makes you constipated. Sorry, I just spent a month feeling like the bloat monster from the black lagoon, no thanks constipation- not this week! I am glad however that I was able to have two days post surgery off and I’m not going into work until his afternoon. My original plan was to be out only one day after the surgery, and I’m really quite thankful the surgery was on a Friday. I probably would have had a pretty bad day if I had to go back on day two. Day three today is much much better!

Feeling a bit better I need to rant for a moment. It is really tough feeling like you’re the only one who knows what’s going on. I’m so sick of the people closest to me (even though I love you all and cherish your support) asking me the SAME DAMN QUESTIONS every time we talk. They aren’t the typical “how are you feeling/holding up” instead it’s “so what happens from here? What do you do next?” It isn’t so bad when it is people once or twice removed from my inner circle, but when it’s someone in my inner circle whom I have told a thousand times…. AHHHHHHHH! Sigh. I’ve moved on from “I get it, this is some tough stuff to comprehend, let me educate you since you haven’t done the research yourself and you aren’t experiencing it” to “have you even been listening this entire time?! I’ve told you this same thing at minimum twenty times; no I’m not explaining it again.” On that note, hubs is responsible for at least a quarter of these. Before anyone gets up in arms, he has a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis and memory issues is a real symptom. However, my empathy is a bit thin because I know he’s super early onset and  his memory issues can’t possibly be THAT bad yet. He’s stable on his medications and hasn’t had too many relapses since starting them. I blame stress and anxiety. I also wish that he would read my blog before asking me the same question again and again if he thinks he’s asked it before. It would save me the frustration of feeling like nobody is actually listening to me when I talk about this. And also before anyone says anything, I have openly told hubs that it is an option to reference my blog for detail questions, and nothing written here is a secret from him or something I haven’t already talked to him about. Open communication people, that’s the key.

 I am feeling annoyed today, and that is ok. Now that is out, I think I’ll get ready for my day. It’s been seriously bugging me that we haven’t had a cleanish house since before the surgery (remember me saying my mom came for a few days to help out? Well she brought her dog and anyone that is familiar with having two dogs in one house knows- there’s dog hair EVERYWHERE… and I haven’t been allowed to lift anything heavier than 15lbs and I haven’t been able to stand much. Aka- no cleaning), so I will try to tidy up a bit for my own sanity before work. I will say, I’m not looking forward to wearing pants again.. I’ve been in sweats and pjs since Friday and I don’t want to be uncomfortable at work 😦 it might just be a skirt day later….


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