Last day of shots and meds!

Woohooo good morning world! Tonight is the last shot of Lupron, and my last doses of the two oral medications as well. That means Friday I am poke free for the first time since December 31st!!! In total tomorrow will mean I have done 34 shots of Lupron, 11 shots of Menopur, 11 shots of gonalf, 1 trigger HCG shot, a round of antibiotics and two other oral medications, some tyelnol with codeine, some extra strength Tylenol, and a heck of a lot of prenatal vitamins. That’s not including every ultrasound and bloodwork that we did up until this point. I am so pleased to be off everything but the prenatal vitamins this weekend!!!!!! They had told me to make sure I drank a lot of water post surgery to help move any lingering medications out of my body faster, and let me tell you, the thought that I’m going to be chemical free is super calming. I still haven’t quite felt like myself yet, still a bit swollen and bloated, but I feel closer to my typical “me” than before the egg hunt. Now we just keep waiting for more on how many eggs were able to be biopsied. Yesterday they had 5 that were ready, and the hope is that today they would have more ready (they think some were just taking their time to mature) so I’m praying that more of them decide to keep growing so we have more potential options. 5 is great, but I’d rather have more like 10- that way if half of them have the BRAC2 gene, we still have a bunch to try to get pregnant with…… oh waiting stinks!


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