Sweet and sour moments

This entire adventure is one giant yo-yo of emotions. Yesterday we were told they were able to biopsy and freeze 7 embryos. Which is good, because apparently it is average for 50% of the fertilized eggs to not continue growing to the blastocyst stage. So yay for being ahead of the curve already! We received a second call from our genetic place saying they received the 7, and to call in the payment so they can start working on the science side of things. (Let’s hope not too many of them have the bad gene! I want all of those chances at babies!!!)

In the same day, we were also told that it is likely that we aren’t going to be able to do the embryo transfer until the end of April or May. I lost it. First we were told maybe the end of feb or beginning of march, and now we’re waiting until the end of April or May?! The F***!? It becomes incredibly sad when you remember just how out of your hands this entire process really is. I wanted to be pregnant for all of 2016. Then my hopes moved to a 2017 baby. Now I’m just hoping we get pregnant by the end of 2017 because who knows if the first or second fet(baby transfer) is even going to take. I hate it. I want a big family, I don’t want to be pregnant back to back to back, but I also understand the issues that arise the older you get. I’m turning 30 in June. I  just want to be pregnant damnit!!!

…at least I’m on my first day shot and medication free. Woo. A friend and I might just be taking a last minute trip to Disney to get away from everything. Happiest place on earth HAS to be better than home right now. 


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