Icky bloated/constipated feelings

FYI- this post might be TMI. When they told me that I should have a bowel movement as soon as possible following the egg retrieval I thought they were just talking about typical after surgery procedures. Now I’m questioning if I pooped on time. It took me until about Monday night to have a bowel movement, and even then it wasn’t anything to write home about. Since then I’ve had some constipation issues and so some days I’ve added more fiber, I’ve been drinking more water all together, and then yesterday happened. I felt so sick last night…. I’ve only ever had one moment in my life in the past where constipation pain stopped me on my tracks; now I wasn’t quite there, but I could tell I was on my way. I’m not sure if the straining made my uterus area sore or if it was sore before that, but last night and this morning don’t exactly feel good. Hubs is going to call the nurse on call to see if this is normal or if I need to do something about it, but in general I don’t feel well and I’m at a work retreat from yesterday until this afternoon. We’ll see if I make it. I’m supposed to be giving a training for an hour and a half. If. Why doesn’t life stop for IVF?! Like, can’t I pick back up later…

Sunday morning update: omg yesterday I felt like I was going to die. Side bar for anyone prescribed Tylenol with codeine- regardless of whether they say it’s optional to take the stool softener, take the blasted stool softener before you have a problem. I got to the point that I was doubled over in pain, unable to use my stomach muscles to move my legs around while laying down. I’ve never felt that bad from this kind of stuff before, and I don’t want to feel like that ever again. We ended up calling the nurse line twice (once in the morning where they said to take the stool softener) and the second time we called because my parents kept trying to force feed me laxatives. They DO NOT want you taking laxatives because of the risk of your ovaries twisting. That’s a pretty darn good reason in my opinion to avoid taking those. So they finally told me if I’d already taken the stool softener, that I could take milk of magnesia. We did, this morning wasn’t exactly a blast, and now I’m doing a bit better. Dang. Why doesn’t this whole trying to get pregnant thing come with a manual? 


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