Post egg retrieval period

When I was coming out of the anesthesia from my egg retrieval, the nurse informed me that I would get my period in about two weeks, and that it would be quite a bit worse than what I am used to. I remember her saying it would be more intense cramping and heavier bleeding. Well I woke up yesterday with acne, and by last night I started bleeding. That was fast. Typically I have a few days of some symptoms and then it takes me a few days to really start my period. Nope. Not this time. When it hit, it HIT. I don’t typically need Tylenol or anything to manage, and last night I couldn’t sleep without it. I was actually up and had hubs up as well helping me get a hot water bottle while the Tylenol started to work. There was no way I was going to be able to sleep without it. I woke up three times to use the restroom, and by the time I woke up for the morning after taking Tylenol around 12:30, I can tell I absolutely need to take it again at 6:30. Guess who’s taking the extra strength Tylenol to work today and a bag of extra tampons and liners and pads!? That’s right- this girl. I’d be lying if I said I expected it to be this bad; but then again, I wasn’t expecting he crazy level of constipation nor the severity of the bloating either. Maybe because my body was doing so well with all of the other steps I started to get cocky…. hmmm I feel like there should be a pregnancy joke there… eh. Whatever. It will be interesting to see how long this period lasts- or better yet, how long they will let me have this period. I have to call today to let my clinic know it’s the first full flow day of my period and then they will start me on birth control again. At some point after that they will have me start the Lupron again as well… yay more shots… and then I don’t actually know what else. At some point I’ll have my first embryo transfer scheduled. Don’t know when. Don’t know much these days. I hate that feeling, I hate not feeling like I have any resemblance of control over my life. It really stinks actually. So we’ll see about those next steps. But until then, I will be downing Tylenol and using hot packs like they’re candy. Last night I toed the line of  taking the Tylenol with codeine actually. We’ll see how it goes having the regular Tylenol at first, but you can bet that I’m taking the codeine one with me to work just in case.


4 thoughts on “Post egg retrieval period

    1. It’s definitely been long enough, I’ve always been early on my periods and it’s been 12 days since my retrieval and 6 days since stopping my Lupron injections. Thank you for caring though! This entire ordeal is one of those things that so many people can’t relate to or give any experience/advice on- I’m glad I decided to blog about it for what extra support comes of it. Btw you’re going to be doing your fet soon, are you totally getting excited?!

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      1. Oh! Sorry I didn’t realize how long it’s been! I’m sorry it’s so painful, Tylenol and I are totally BFFs 😉 Blogging has definitely proven to be helpful to me too. If you use instagram, there are also a ton of people you can relate to using #IVF to search. FET is going to be pushed back to the very end of March or early April! I’m excited but super nervous about my laparoscopy 😔


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