Antibiotics and Advocacy

Happy belated Valentine’s Day! Yesterday I had my first ultrasound since the egg retrieval (everything looked good) and I went to urgent care due to a horrendous sore throat. It takes a lot for me to leave work in the middle of the day to go to urgent care, but off I went, got a strep test, and even though it came back negative the doctor put me on 3 days of antibiotics because my throat looked so bad. I called up my RE’s office, double checked that it was ok for me to be on the antibiotics, and started them. So in one day I went from ultrasounds to antibiotics and birthcontrol. I always find it humorous that I’m on prenatal vitamins and birth control simultaneously…. anyway, so here I am, taking a minute from my work day to complain about how horrible I feel. I wish the antibiotics worked faster…..

Anyway, something I think you should be aware of in the world of infertility are the current bills that have been proposed across a few different states. The one most interesting to me is the Indiana one- being that I live in Indiana and they’re trying to get us insurance coverage for IVF…. too bad this didn’t happen a year ago…. Well here is the link. Educate yourselves, see if it’s something you are interested in advocating for, and send an electronic letter stating you’re for it!

I’ll go back to being at work now, and drinking tea, and eating cough drops, and trying  not to die from this blasted sore throat.

Next day updates: as thankful as I am that my throat is feeling like it’s stabbing me less, I barely got any sleep last night due to the IMMENSE stomach upset that day two of my antibiotics brought. I should be at work right now, but instead I’m laying in bed trying to recover from what hubs has so lovingnly titled “volcano butt”. Gosh, I mean seriously, I go through the stupid egg retrieval and that recovery only to get super sick later?! What gives?!?! I swear baby- you had better be worth all of this meyhem that’s going on with my body this year. Hopefully we find out about the embryo biopsys today and we’ll know if we have any viable ones…. at least that’s some good news to look forward to- unlike my last 12 hours which were horrendous! Stupid antibiotics…


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