One more day of waiting for news

Here goes my rant: 

Prior to egg retrieval we were told it would take between 10-14 days for the genetic work to come back. We call that site and they say they will have the information by February 16th. Fast forward to February 16th 4:15pm. I’m at work and I call to see what’s up because I haven’t received a phone call. They say “give us 10-15 minutes and then call your fertility clinic to find out” so you can’t tell me the results that I paid you like 10grand to do even though I’m on the phone right now? “No”. Stupid scientists. I wait 15 minutes and call and my fertility clinic is closed. I get set up with the after hours nurse line and they can’t pull that data up because it isn’t in the computer yet. . . WHY THE F*** WOULD YOU TELL A FAMILY GOING THROUGH THIS HORRIBLE IVF CRUD A DATE AND THEB NOT FOLLOW THROUGH?!?!? Do they have ANY idea what it was like over the past two and a half weeks waiting and worrying and then trying to work all day yesterday constantly checking my phone to see if I had to step out of a session with clients??? Uggg and now of course I’m just waiting again this morning for one of the offices to open so I can get some kind of information. Are any of the embryos viable? Did I waste my time? Do I have 7 options or 6? Am I about to have the worst or the best weekend ever? Do they FINALLY Get to give me a date for an embryo transfer attempt? do we have to start all over? AHHHHH. This is so frustrating!!!!!! I mean, they had the information right there. It’s not too hard to decifer whether the embryo has the gene or not. It will say BRAC2 positive or negative or it will say we can use 2 or some other ridiculousness- it does not take a genius to figure it out. 


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