Embryologists, geneticists, and reproductive endocrinologists Oh my!

Saturday afternoon update: 

We received a phone call from the embryologist at our fertility clinic returning our call from yesterday. Apparently they did not have our biopsy results and this woman gave me faith back in what’s going on. The simple act of confidently stating that she was following up with the lab and that she was going to help us made hubs and I feel SO MUCH BETTER. About two hours later we received another call from her saying she wasn’t able to reach the lab and that she was going to follow up with them on Monday morning (hopefully Presidents’ Day won’t mess things up too much) and she is going to be on top of it for us. We finally had someone send us the message that they got us and that they are going to do what they can to make this process easier…. I’m really not an angry person, and at the same time I’ve been incredibly angry about all of this over the last 72 hours. It’s amazing the difference that a bit of compassion and light can make in this process…


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