Contradictions and conundrums 

 As we end our first full week back on birth control I’m left with the same feeling as before- it’s strange being on medications that help you get pregnant by not letting you get pregnant. It’s such a contradiction and I just don’t get it… either way, it’s Monday and I’m sitting waiting for that phone call to tell me how many viable embryos we have that also don’t have the BRAC2 gene. We managed to avoid thinking on the wait too much over the weekend- instead we started yet another home improvement project (painting the kitchen cabinets) and we did quite a bit of house work with the weather being in the 60s (I know- in February! Crazy) so that felt good. Oh and we sold our desk that was living in the office that will eventually and painstakingly be turned into a nursery…. now I have to actually clean it out and finish all the mini projects in there such as changing out the blinds to be cordless, cleaning out the closet, etc etc. and we’ll eventually put furniture in there….. oh babies. I so want you to be in our lives right now, and having to wait on other people’s schedules to form your family is down right cruel. Once I hear from the clinic I’ll repost. Until then, time to keep busy again…


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