Let down from the lab

We met with our nurse to sign our ART consents yesterday and received the next installment on our bill. When we got it we were confused at what this extra charge of $1550 was on our bill…. so a little investigating later identified that it was for our embryo biopsies and sending samples to the lab. Well, that’s strange because we paid and signed a contract with the other lab to do all of that so why are we getting charge from the clinics lab? Apparently our lab never showed up and never sent their embryologists so our fertility clinic had to do the biopsies. Not a bad thing that they did it, but boy was I livid when I found out that the people we’ve paid thousands of dollars to didn’t fulfill their portion of our signed contract. Nor did they EVER TELL US that they didn’t. Yeah. So I’m not stuck trying to figure out what the hell is going on, I’m insanely anxious and upset and it’s hard to concentrate because I feel like I’ve been deceived and “had” and that they never even bothered to inform me of this problem. So that’s where I am this morning. Once we get all of this figured out here are the next steps:

Meet up Thursday for an ultrasound to start Lupron again. Tuesday I’ll start Lupron, after that start estrace, after that add the dreaded progesterone shots until seemingly forever, more ultrasounds and some bloodwork along the way, and then if everything goes well an FET on April 10th and then continued hormones until they tell me to stop and then maybe, just maybe we’ll be pregnant. AND if all goes well, there’s a chance that we could still have a 2017 baby! Literally, if we get pregnant on April 10th, the due date would be the last few days in December. Talk about end of the year stress!


2 thoughts on “Let down from the lab

    1. Haha I’m not so sure Hubs feels the same way- his birthday is Christmas and he always has felt a sense of sadness at not having a birthday party with friends on his birthday while growing up. But I’m ok with it. So long as we have a healthy and happy baby who doesn’t have the BRAC2 gene I’m good!

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