Lupron today- next stop baby!

We started up our shots again last night, and this morning I feel like I have a chest cold :-/ not fun. Oh well. At least there was something positive about yesterday’s shots- a friend of mine will be starting her shots for getting ready for egg retrieval, so we face timed and walked her through doing the first shot. It’s a good thing I love this woman so much, I don’t willingly allow many people to see me in pain/anything to do with needles very often. Either way, the Lupron shots aren’t such a big deal. Tonight we’re going back to doing them behind the arm as it’s my comfortable for me, and the only reason we did the stomach last night was so my friend could see it’s no big deal. I believe she’s doing her shots herself and will need to do them in the stomach…. I’m thankful hubs is doing mine. If it comes down to it I’ll do my own shots, but it’s probably going to be a bigger ordeal as I have to work myself up and get brace enough to actually stab myself….. hm. Eh, whatever I’ll cross that bridge when I have to cross it. At least getting back on shots means we are one step (hopefully) closer to having baby!


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