Determining one or two embryos to transfer

Yesterday I had a phone consultation with our RE about whether it makes sense to transfer one or two embryos in April. We originally went into this process with me convinced that we’d transfer two no matter what, but when we were told we only had two viable embryos total I started doubting whether or not using ALL of our choices was the right move. I would think about how they might not take knowing that it takes most people about three transfers to be successful, and I really don’t want to jump back to egg retrieval that quickly. I mean, that was rough! I don’t like all of those shots! And seeing all of the shots I still have to do is intimidating enough- let alone knowing you’d have to go through the entire process all over again in the midst of an unsuccessful fet. So yeah, that’s what I worry about a lot. On the other side are the numbers: 

Reminder, this is what my RE told me specific to my age, weight, health, and overall related issues….

We opted not to do the chromosomal testing since we were only interested in eliminating the BRAC2 gene. In retrospect we probably should have just forked over the extra 1-2k to do that testing as well. But whatever. Since we don’t know whether our two embryos are ok from a chromosomal perspective, they give us the general statistics of transferring 1 embryo making your chance of getting pregnant 30-40%. If we transfer two embryos the chance increases to 60-70%. When I ask about twins, with two embryos that chance is 20%. (For the record I would LOVE twins- that’s one less time I need to do all of this stuff- I want a big loud crazy family and I’ll take as many kids as I can get… up to four. After that is just sheer madness in my life…) also adding to our decision is he fact that our embryos are rated as “good” out of a three choice scale (good, fair, poor) so that increases the likelihood of them sticking as well. 

We need to think and talk about this more, but we might just be going with two to really increase our chance of getting pregnant… maybe by the next time we go through with all of this our state will have coverage for IVF and it won’t be quite as draining- at least financially… eh welll see. we have a month to figure it out.


4 thoughts on “Determining one or two embryos to transfer

    1. As of now it’s scheduled for April 10th- but we don’t know for sure until our meeting April 3rd. At that time we see the doctor and they do an ultrasound and possible blood work and if everything looks ok we start the progesterone shots April 4th. I think we decided on transferring two as well- we’re liking the odds better…

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    1. 😦 I’m sorry to hear about that change. It’s beyond disappointing when things change like that. We decided on doing two since the chance of one of them sticking around was better, and he seems convinced that we’re minimally likely to have twins…. all I can say is that if I turn out to have two that stick and they both split I’m ok with never getting pregnant again! Lol.


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