Mental block

Ok so some good work things happened in our lives that mean hubs may or may not be around for a bit in order to give me my injections. Knowing that, I attempted to do my own Lupron shot last night. I got everything out, clean, filled up the needle, cleaned off my stomach, pinched, and…… that was as far as I got- I froze. I literally couldn’t do it. I had a friend call and try to help call me down and just do it, and I still couldn’t. Talk about unnerving. There is something very wrong with stabbing yourself willingly and I couldn’t get myself past it in order to do it. I mean, I’ve made it through so many of them, but trying to do it myself…. nope. 😦 hubs ended up doing the shot. We’re going to try again tonight, and I hope I’m able to do it- I need all the practice I can get with the little needles before working up to the progesterone in sesame oil and 1.5″ needles sitting in our box. I can deal with it and suck it up to receive these shots, but there’s something very different in doing them yourself. Maybe tonight I’ll be able to do it… just maybe.


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