Hopefully starting estrogen tonight

Today is my first appointment with my RE for a while- mostly to check and make sure my body is good to start the estrogen pills. I also realized last night that I only have one more needle left for Lupron… but I have quite a bit of time of Lupron injections left. I called the pharmacy and left a voicemail last night and I’ll call again in a minute, but that’s kind of scary to think they didn’t send me enough needles even though on paper it says they did….. yeah. I’m going to be asking my RE today if there’s anything else I can do in the event they don’t get the needles to me on time. I have one left for tonight, and then tomorrow I’ll be freaking out. Ug! I really don’t like not being prepared for things… especially important things. So tomorrow will be the first day on estrogen- I’ll write again soon and report back on side effects. The only noticeable side effect I’ve had on the Lupron are hot flashes… and maybe I’m a bit moody… but I blame the moody part on the fact that I’ve had a period for the past week (they told me I “might” get one but it won’t be as bad… yeah right. And I’m a monkeys uncle) and on all of my other stress from hubs getting promoted and us trying to now start getting the house ready for us to sell eventually and figuring out how I’m going to tell work that I’ll be leaving the state in a few months… I really enjoy my work and they are a company that I could see staying with for a long time… guess IVF wasn’t my only surprise within the past year….


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