Setting a date for our first embryo transfer

In another moment I will go into my RE’s office for a final lining check before scheduling what time our FET will be. I’ve been on Lupron and estrace for quite some time and if all is well today (which it should be because last Thursday my RE told me my uterine lining was “perfect”) we will be put down in the books for an actual appointment. Yay! And on the flip side that means progesterone shots start tomorrow night. Yup. An inch and a half of hell to the butt. I never thought I’d be doing any of this, and it terrifies me that hubs isn’t going to be doing like half of the shots since he’ll be out of state for most of this…. I’m not excited about that. In fact, I’m really considering paying a nurse to come to the house to do them because the first progesterone shot will be done by my sister-in-law and she has given me a total of ONE Lupron shot. Next stop 1.5″ needle. Hmmm. We’ll see what happens. I’m having them draw the circles on me today for exactly where to do the shots. Let’s see how tomorrow goes..


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