Surviving the first progesterone shot

Ok last night wasn’t as bad as I was thinking. It hurt some, I’m still sore this morning, but it wasn’t the most horrible thing ever. I did however mess up one needle and had to start over with another one (I basically switched the needle too soon so I wasn’t drawing out the fluid correctly) but hey it finally worked and we made it. So I learned something important. Before the shot I stress cleaned for like two hours- so my home is quite a bit cleaner than normal, and I tried to have some aromatherapy going, and music, and hot tea, and I made sure to eat a small something for dinner. It helped but I think the thing that helped more was just putting on my big girl pants and going for broke. I ended up vacuuming about 10 minutes following the shot because our nurse told us that walking after helps. It did to an extent, but now it’s the next morning and my butt is still sore. Maybe I’m going to have to come to grips with the fact that my butt is likely just going to be sore for the next two and a half months….. hm. Not my first choice of side effects, but at least I’m not allergic to it. We’ll call that a win. I don’t know if the soreness will last all day or if it will dull, but we’re doing the other side tonight so here’s hoping but more walking around will do the trick!


6 thoughts on “Surviving the first progesterone shot

  1. So relieving to read this! I start mine next week & am nervous as all get out. A friend of mine said coughing while it goes in helps block the nerve but doesn’t really help with the after effects.


    1. It wasn’t all that bad, do you remember your hcg trigger shot for egg retrieval? It was literally just like that with the addition of feeling a bit sore. Kind of like getting a flu shot to the butt. And it says something that it was almost identical having my mom (a retired nurse) do my hcg shot, versus my sister in law (literally gave me one single Lupron shot before so this was her second time giving a shot ever) give me the progesterone shot. No worries, you’ll make it!!!

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    1. Absolutely! I originally started blogging about it because I needed an outlet and wasn’t expecting anyone to read it to be honest, and the more I write and experience everything the easier it gets. My biggest piece of advice is to ask all the questions no matter how silly, get support as you need it, and stay away from Pinterest quotes about infertility- they just make you bitter and not better. And find someone to talk to! I have a friend who is about a month behind me and I’ve found that helping her helps me as well. Feel free to ask me any questions and I’ll try to answer from my experience!

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  2. Haha I hear you on the pinterest quotes! Some of them are nice, but most are more depressing that uplifting. I hope this round is a success for you and you get your take home baby! Thank you so much for your offer of answering questions. I will definitely get back to you with some ! Please keep us updated on your experiences as they unfold. I’m following ā¤


  3. Heat was a godsend to me with the PIO! I put a heating pad on the injection area for a few minutes before the injection and also warmed up the oil before hand by putting it in a mug of warm water. Helps disperse the oil quickly once it’s in you and doesn’t toughen up the skin like ice does. You got this. šŸ™‚

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