Number three, might skip the right side for a while

Ok I don’t know what the difference is, whether it is because the right side was already sore or what, but I’m making the executive decision to stay on the left for my shots for one day until my body calms down. I’m laying in bed with a heating pack on my right because it’s just so sore! Now, I was a competitive gymnast for my entire childhood so I’m familiar with sore muscles, but just good grief. All I can think about right now is that we’re going to have to continue these shots for the next few weeks…. Left side? So far so good. Right side? Dear god no. Im going to ask my doc for any tips and tricks because walking didn’t seem to help and heat doesn’t seem to be doing anything yet. I might just hop in and soak in a bath for a bit this morning and see if that does anything. Maybe I’ll try ice after? Or stretching? Hmmmmm. I don’t like this not knowing. I’ll keep telling myself I only have 8 more shots until embryo transfer. Then once that happens I’ll phrase it that I have two weeks until blood work to see if I’m pregnant. I think it will be easier then if I know that the shots help me keep the baby. Maybe I’ll think about it like giving baby life saving medicine, rather than thinking about it as I’m getting shot in the butt… yeah maybe that will help. :-/ oy. Well hubs comes home tonight so he’ll be doing tonight’s shot (unless his flight is delayed and in that case sister in law is helping). It’s strange to think that now that my sister in law has been doing enough shots, I’m more worried about how hubs will do…. I don’t want him messing up my only good side! 


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