5 progesterone shots in

Ok yesterday was a REALLY SORE DAY. As in, there are stairs at work and I literally walked up one at a time because driving in my car and lifting my leg up hurt too much. Problematic as we had just started these shots… 

Here are the suggestions our nursing staff gave to me: since I’m a relatively small person we might be going too far in (they basically told me I’m skinny and don’t have enough butt fat… thanks?), instead of sticking the full 1.5″ needle in, to only stick it 1″ in (BEST ADVICE EVER FYI- it made a WORLD of difference. Remember people, if you think it’s hurting too much you don’t have to stay in pain- talk and ask questions!), to make best friends with my heating pack (I use a hot water bottle- works better for me since I can take it in the car and then to work, that I can take tylenol, to inject only on my left side for a day to let the right side relax, and to get to rubbing the injection site throughout the day. 

Well, this morning was more bareable and although I’m starting to get a bit sore on the left, it’s nothing like the pain I had on the right. So I’m still surviving and doing better. I’m actually thinking I’ll be able to make it through this if the injections don’t go back to how sore I was yesterday. 3 more days until FET!!!!! I could ::crosses fingers, prayers to all known and unknown dieties, smudges the house, makes donations for good karma, and otherwise tries to relax and put good ju-hi out into the world:: get pregnant in the next 3 days…. sh*t maybe I should have a glass of really good wine tonight…..


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