So far no news

I had my blood draw and they let me know because my blood draw was at 1pm, I might not get my results until tomorrow….. seriously?! Ug. Well, until then I might just cheat and take a urine test so I’m not driven completely crazy waiting. Ok I know those aren’t completely accurate, however I wanted knowledge today and honestly I need something to hang onto. If it says I’m pregnant- awesome, if it says that I’m not pregnant I’m blaming it’s accuracy on the fact that they are not completely accurate and I’ll have to wait anyway. I mean I understand that I have to wait one way or another, but ugggggg just tell me already!  In other news here are my ridiculous “signs” so far today that I’m considering are hinting that I’m pregnant: I saw my favorite animal (a rabbit) outside my sister in laws home this morning before my progesterone shot, there were infant twins at the table next to me at lunch, it rained and there was a rainbow today, and I’m finally getting an oil change for my car when I’ve been over like 3k miles…. so as superstitious as it is, I’m just going to pretend that means I’m pregnant. Screw reality whether I am or not. 


3 thoughts on “So far no news

  1. Omg that would KILL me. I can’t imagine waiting more than we are required to. I would take a urine test in the morning but then again if you wait that long- you may as well just wait for the call. I love all of your signs! I think they are all promising 🙂 let me know how it goes! Fingers crossed!

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    1. I think the worst part about it is the fact that I didn’t have a choice in the time of day we would do our blood test- like I would have gotten up at the crack of dawn if needed, but oh well. :-/ I mean, it has only been ten days, not the full two weeks. Maybe I can wait… maybe.

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