Slight nausea has begun

Thursday is our first ultrasound, and as of yesterday I had my first bout of feeling queasy. Nothing terrible- but I did have feelings of nausea toward the end of breakfast… fast forward to today and I was nauseous all throughout lunch and for a good hour or two after. Good thing Ice cream makes it go away (at least for now!). We’ll see what else happens, but seriously I’m getting impatient. I want them to do the ultrasound and tell me everything is going as expected or better and to give me a photo. It doesn’t seem real yet. I need to get out of the first trimester so I can feel confident about not miscarryig or something else bad happening. Man, sometimes it feels like I’m going crazy with everything.
Oh and by the way- my arse looks like it got in a fight with a boxer at this point with all of the darn progesterone shots- bruised, lumpy, and bloodied. I’m so ready to be done. But nope- dropped another $225 on 5 more vials of progesterone in oil. Here’s to being on my 6th vial! Aka my 58th shot to the butt today:


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