19 more PIO shots to go..

I did the math the other day and as of right now I have taken a total of 67 progesterone in sesame oil shots and I still have 19 shots left before I am switched to suppositories (42 to be exact). You know, when you look at all of the numbers it’s pretty crazy to think about what we’re willing to do in order to create and maintain a pregnancy. I truly wonder if IVF was the only way if getting pregnant how many people would actually do it? I think the numbers would be a bit lower personally. Well, I think our little lentil is worth it:

That’s our baby right there!! My mother said it looks like a diamond ring- baby would be the part that is the diamond and the ring is what’s called the yolk sack- which from my understanding will be the placenta. Yup, this is a 6 week ultrasound people. When we were looking at the screen you could see the heart beating. It looked like the dot that is the baby was flashing on and off like a rapid strobe light. In all honesty it was pretty darn cool. What floors me is that this picture is zoomed in to 100%. With all of the technology we have, it still looked like an itty bitty flashing light. Many of our fears were relieved once we had the ultrasound. At that point our doctor was able to tell us that everything was developing normally and it was safe to transfer us back to my Obgyn’s care. So that appointment is set for May 23rd at 11:40am. That will be a fun one- hubs won’t be able to be there so we’re calling him in on FaceTime. He’ll be pretty excited to see the next ultrasound when it actually starts to sort of look like a person instead of a dot.  

One way I’ve been dealing with the symptoms and other craziness is writing in a pregnancy journal to my future babe. So far it’s been helpful- I see it as something to give to our darling when they are either pregnant, married, or thinking about having a baby of their own. I also found the perfect journal cover for this goal:

Now we wait for the next steps: first prenatal visit, picking a date to end with clients, picking a date to end work altogether, buy a house, move, unpack and set up a baby room, start looking for new places to work once I’m done with maternity leave (because by the time everything happens I don’t think I’m going to be in a place where companies want to hire me super pregnant just to leave on maternity… I’ll just wait until spring of next year to start applying again and budget really well), and all of the things in between. 

**side note- make sure your prenatal vitamins include calcium- after watching a documentary on pregnancy I checked mine and realized it did NOT have calcium in it. Went out and bought pregnancy supplements that include calcium and fiber. Yes it’s another expense, but honestly you don’t want to be without them.


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