Starting week 9

Yesterday was tough. We were coming home from visiting our goddaughter for her first communion and passed by our alma mater, so of course we stopped at a favorite restaurant and dug in for lunch. Let’s just say that our little lentil was quite unhappy with my food choices after the fact. No problems eating it, but dear god the acid and the way I felt later was terrible. I haven’t taken ANY medication outside of what I am prescribed from the IVF since before the embryo transfer and yesterday I google searched what kinds of antacids were safe during pregnancy (tums apparently) and I popped two and spent the rest of the day in bed. I know there are a lot of people who have it worse off than I do during pregnancy, but I’m really looking forward to second trimester when everything is supposed to settle down some. I’m still on medications from the fertility clinic until June 1st and it’s just not fun. We stopped shots in the butt (last day on) May 17th and I know it’s only two weeks of suppositories and estrogen, but dear god it seems like it’s lasting forever. Maybe it seems like that because the suppositories are three times a day and it feels like a constant dripping/excreting which is just blah. I mean the only way I can describe that is when you are on your period with a sporadic heavy flow. Just going about your day when suddenly- a glob of progesterone hits! :-/ yeah that stinks. I’m just carrying around tons of panty liners and the bathroom is my best friend right now. So gross. 

Otherwise I’ve been decent. My morning sickness seems to be slightly letting up now that I’m off the shots, slightly, not much. I’m still struggling with horrible acid reflux no matter what I eat, drink, or don’t eat, and I’m pretty used to be exhausted chronicly by now. I was able to eat some sweet food this weekend without gagging, but otherwise I’m still doing better with salty and savory foods. Primarily pickles, potatos, and salad don’t hurt me. Everything else is a risk, and half the time in not up for finding out if it will hurt me. But I’ve been eating hose three rings for so long that I’m really quite over all of them. Blah. 

Oh, I’m also starting to get an itty bitty belly! It’s weird thinking it’s a good thing to be getting fat/gaining weight, when all of society has told me my entire life not to…. eh. I just wish I was off if restrictions so I could feel good and work out again. I’d also like to be allowed to lift things again so I can vacuum my home. Living in a split level and not being allowed to carry things really interferes with the smooth operation of your home.. especially when hubs is in another state and you’re in the process of trying to get the house organized to sell it. Eh oh well, this weekend will be a super fun cleaning weekend- yay! Once he’s home that is. Oh well, I’m stable for the time being. Now I just need everything to keep going well tomorrow when I have my official first prenatal visit with my Obgyn.


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