Keeping it honest

Yesterday was Wednesday- and almost two days following finding out how many useable embryos we have. I had called Tuesday to find out next steps and they told me our nurse would call the next day. She called in the morning, but only to tell us she’d have to call back because they didn’t have the information needed at hand. Ok. So I call again later, and ask a second time. I only speak to the front desk staff as they let me know we need to schedule an ART consult to sign paperwork. They’re about to let me go when I step up and say I’d like to schedule that now. Thy put me in hold briefly (I’m assuming because I’m pushing that we want to do this ASAP) and they come back and are able to schedule a consult to sign paperwork on feb 28th- that’s going to be one heck of a busy day let me tell you- now they originally were saying they need both hubs and me to be present to sign the paperwork. Now, my job I can move around whatever I need to, his job… not so much. So I ask if I can come in to sign and then have hubs sign in front of a notary and get it back to them that way. They agree. THEN they tell me that I’ll need to do another ultrasound the week or so following and here I am saying, “I want he earliest appointment- is there anything available that same week?” She has me on hold again, and is then able to schedule for the 2nd. Yup. Being pushy sometimes works. Which is not really in my character, but this has to do with our babies and honestly if I need to redo all of this crap for another egg retrieval I want it all done this year. I’m not waiting around longer than I have to in order to start my family. I literally will have to do the egg retrieval again anyway in order to have the sized family that we want unless one of the embryos splits into twins or triplets. So really, I need this party to get started. 

Here is what I know at this point for next steps. Because they have to arrange schedules with the embryo lab and my doc and me, they are now looking to do the embryo transfer toward the end of march if everything goes according to plan. I will sign paperwork the afternoon of the 28th (maybe hubs will make it maybe I’ll be dropping it off with him and yelling to get to a notary asap), then I have a day of contemplation, on the 2nd I go in for an ultrasound, and then I believe they will tell me about what medications I get to start. From what I’ve read online, I’ll likely be put back on Lupron for a bit and then some other stuff- I don’t know. What I do know is that I will be needing to calm my jets over the next month and start eating better, staying hydrated, and meditation because I am WAY TOO STRESSED. I can’t let my stress level impact whether this embryo will take or not. 

So that’s where I am. We ::fingers crossed:: might be pregnant by the end of next month! And then 6 weeks later we find out if I am actually pregnant or if we have one more chance before having to reharvest some eggs. God I hope this works on the first try…


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